Manufaktura Wódki

Poland boasts a long-standing heritage in making high-quality spirits. Unfortunately, over the years, a number of factors caused local producers to completely abandon these traditional values. Luckily, the global trend of craft distilling opened the doors for reviving the old, traditional methods, and we are here to lead the REVOLUTION in artisan spirits in Poland. Our products feature the forgotten recipes and represent the finest traditional Polish spirits.

What makes us different/unique:

  • traditional recipes
  • Polish grain spirit made of raw material from agricultural distilleries
  • distillates created in a copper alembic still and aged in oak barrels after mead
  • natural ingredients
  • small production batches
  • silky smooth taste thanks to advanced charcoal filtration technology

Try our products and taste the tradition. It is a truly unique experience - personally recommended.

All distillates are carefully crafted in copper alembic stills and then aged in oak barrels after mead.